Sunday, February 10, 2013

Powers of Attorney: Who will take care of your affairs when you can't?

Medical and General Durable Powers of Attorney will make your loved ones lives easier should something happen to you.  It also tells them what your wishes are should you find yourself in a medical emergency.

There is nothing worse than a loved one needing to take care of you or your affairs when you can't....and they don't have the legal right to do so.

Getting these into place are simple and take no more than an hour to do.  You tell us your wishes and we type them into the Colorado Approved Forms that are accepted at all hospitals and financial institutes.  When the appointment is complete you will have signed, EXECUTED, Powers of Attorney.  You will have the original and a copy to share with your Power of Attorney and/or Doctor and/or Financial Institute.  

Have a question for an Attorney about the documents?  For a small fee, paid directly to the Attorney, your documents can be reviewed and based on that consultation if any changes need to be made simply bring it back to us and they are done free of charge.

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Here at Legal Edge Consulting, LLC we make the process of getting your affairs in order easy!

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