Sunday, February 10, 2013

Divorce Services: No children or no minor children

You got married and thought it would last forever.  Now...forever is no longer in your future.  It is a difficult time but the process doesn't have to be.

The decision is what?  All that paperwork OR the expense of hiring an Attorney to complete the paperwork for you.  It's overwhelming and often times people don't file for divorce because of all the paperwork or the expense.  

Let us help you.  It's simple:  Come in and we can get those documents typed up for you and ready to file.  The whole process takes less than an hour and you walk out with completed documents; original for the courts and copies for both parties.

Here is the best part:  If you want an Attorney to review your documents we have that!  For a small fee, paid directly to the Attorney, you can have your completed documents reviewed.  If any changes are discussed simply bring them back to us and we make those changes for FREE!  You have the best of both worlds!!

If you need an Attorney we will refer you to one of our referral Attorneys that will take your needs as important as we do.  Our referral Attorneys specialize in Family Matters and have a proven record success.

Make us your first call!

Here at Legal Edge Consulting, LLC we make the process of getting Divorced easy!

Legal Edge Consulting, LLC

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